Alice in Wonderland Mismatched Steampunk Chandelier Earrings

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These beautiful mismatched Alice in Wonderland earrings embody the capricious, topsy-turvy world of Wonderland in fashionable steampunk style. Whether you wear these as a whimsical addition to your Wonderland themed steampunk cosplay or just for a fun, everyday look, these steampunk chandelier earrings will adorn your ears with panache.

These long dangle earrings are hand assembled in my home studio from quality materials. The ear wires and chandelier hoops are made from timeless sterling silver, while the charms are constructed from antiqued and silver plated brass. One earring features a teacup to represent The Mad Hatter, a mushroom to represent The Caterpillar, and a cat head to represent The Cheshire Cat, while dangling from the other are a clock and rabbit to represent The White Rabbit and a heart lock to represent the Queen of Hearts. These Alice in Wonderland earrings will come with clear rubber earring stoppers for safety, since you definitely wouldn't want these earrings to disappear down the rabbit hole.

Every fripparie item comes packaged in a gift bag or box, so even if you don't want these for yourself (curious and curiouser), they'll be ready to present to your special person for Christmas, holidays, birthdays, or any other gift-giving occasion.


- Sterling Silver Hoops and Ear Wires
- Silver Plated Charms
- Brass Charms
- Silver Plated Soldered Chain
- Silver Plated Jump Rings
- Earrings Measure 2.75 inches (7 cm) long


  Women's Necklaces Size Chart
Women's Necklace Sizing

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Chokers and princess style necklaces look great with almost everything, but you may prefer a necklace with a longer chain when wearing a top or dress with a higher neckline. The choker size works best with graphic tees so your necklace doesn't cover up any part of the shirt design.

These lengths work for adult women and teens who are average-sized; those with larger or smaller necks will want to size up or down accordingly.

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Men's Necklace Sizing

The standard length is perfect for most men as it will work with most men's clothing, but men with a larger or smaller neck will want to size up or down accordingly. This size should sit right at the collarbone.

The medium size should sit right below the collarbone and is also a great length for necklaces with a pendant or medallion.

The long size should hit above the breastbone, while the extra long will hit below. These lengths look good with plain shirts and tees and are great for layering.

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Bracelet & Ring Measuring Guide

Bracelet Sizing and Measuring

To measure for bracelet sizing, first determine the style of bracelet you will be wearing. For bangles and cuffs, you should measure, using a standard soft measuring tape, around the span of your hand. These types of bracelets often do not open or expand and must fit over your hand in order to be worn. For bracelets with clasps, measure around your wrist. After you have obtained your measurement (in inches), add 3/4" to 1" to determine your bracelet length.

Some bracelets are adjustable or expandable and will fit a small range of sizes.

Ring Sizing and Measuring

All fripparie rings are adjustable. You can adjust your ring yourself after receiving it, or it can be sized for you prior to shipping. Measure your finger circumference with a standard metric measuring tape.

Size 5:    15.7 mm
Size 6:    16.5 mm
Size 7:    17.3 mm
Size 8:    18.2 mm
Size 9:    18.9 mm
Size 10:  19.8 mm
Size 11:  20.6 mm
Size 12:  21.3 mm
Size 13:  22.2 mm

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General Jewelry Care  •  Silver  •  Copper & Brass  •  Gold Plated & Filled  •  Pewter  •  Alloy Metals

General Jewelry Care

Your jewelry should be stored carefully after each use. Wipe down with a cotton ball or very soft cloth. Pieces should be stored in individual bags within your jewelry box to prevent harm and maintain the maximum life span of your jewelry.

Sterling Silver & Silver Plated Jewelry

Jewelry pieces with sterling silver or silver plated components can tarnish (turn black) very easily. Items should be kept in a sealed plastic bag with a piece of anti-tarnish paper to prevent oxidation. An anti-tarnish strip will be included with your order. The paper will start to change color when it's losing its effectiveness and should be replaced at this time. You can purchase more strips here. You can also store your piece in a bag without an anti-tarnish strip, but this will not be as effective. An alternative to the strips, you can use a stick of white chalk wrapped in cheesecloth or muslin, or a silica pack. Both of these methods will also absorb moisture.

Many of the silver pendants and charms I use in my pieces have been purposefully blackened in whole or part. These have been given a light coating of a microcrystalline wax that both protects the patina and prevents it from further oxidation. These pieces should be handled carefully so the wax stays on the piece. It may eventually need to be reapplied. These pieces should also still be stored with anti-tarnish paper as clasps, chains and other parts are not treated with the wax.

Cleaning with silver polish will remove any oxidation. Treatment with these cleaners is not recommended to preserve the look of your piece. Chains and clasps can be treated if the pendant or charm is removed prior to cleaning. Be sure to use a cleaner suitable for silver plate. Do not use cleaners for sterling silver.

The silver plating on jewelry can wear off eventually. Proper care and minimal handling will ensure this happens later rather than sooner.

Copper Plated, Copper & Brass Jewelry

Much like silver jewelry, copper and brass pieces can also oxidize if not stored properly. It will darken and then turn green or blue, much like copper roofing tiles. These pieces should also be stored in a sealed plastic bag with an anti-tarnish agent. One strip will be included with your order.

Pieces that have been patinated to a green or blue hue will be coated with a microcrystalline wax to protect the patina and prevent further oxidation. Please handle these pieces carefully. 

Cleaning with solutions is not recommended. Chains and clasps can be cleaned if the pendant or charm is removed prior to cleaning.

Gold Plated & Filled Jewelry

Gold plated and filled jewelry does not tarnish, however, care should be taken so the plating does not scratch or wear off. Store in a soft bag and handle minimally as the natural oils on your fingers and hard use can cause the plating to wear off faster. Gold filled pieces are more resilient than gold plated pieces, but are also more expensive.

Pewter Jewelry

Pewter does not tarnish like silver, however, most pewter charms and pendants are used in conjunction with sterling silver and silver plated items. Please follow silver care instructions.

Alloy Metal Jewelry

Bronze, silver and gold tone alloy metals will not tarnish on their own, however, the chains and other pieces used with them will tarnish. Please follow the appropriate care instructions based on the metals used in your piece.


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Please contact fripparie for a return authorization prior to returning any item. Items may be returned within 14 days of delivery. All items must be returned with original retail packaging in new, unworn condition. Earrings, ear cuffs and hair accessories may not be returned unless they are still sealed in the retail packaging. Items with customization that cannot be resold will incur a 15% restocking fee. Original shipping and handling is not refundable. Buyer is responsible for return shipping.

If your item arrives damaged, please contact fripparie as soon as possible after receipt to arrange for a refund or replacement.

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