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  Women's Necklaces Size Chart
Women's Necklace Sizing

When choosing a necklace length, think about the style of the necklace, the size of your neck, and your clothing.

Chokers and princess style necklaces look great with almost everything, but you may prefer a necklace with a longer chain when wearing a top or dress with a higher neckline. The choker size works best with graphic tees so your necklace doesn't cover up any part of the shirt design.

These lengths work for adult women and teens who are average-sized; those with larger or smaller necks will want to size up or down accordingly.

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Men's Necklaces Size Chart
Men's Necklace Sizing

The standard length is perfect for most men as it will work with most men's clothing, but men with a larger or smaller neck will want to size up or down accordingly. This size should sit right at the collarbone.

The medium size should sit right below the collarbone and is also a great length for necklaces with a pendant or medallion.

The long size should hit above the breastbone, while the extra long will hit below. These lengths look good with plain shirts and tees and are great for layering.

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Bracelet & Ring Measuring Guide

Bracelet Sizing and Measuring

To measure for bracelet sizing, first determine the style of bracelet you will be wearing. For bangles and cuffs, you should measure, using a standard soft measuring tape, around the span of your hand. These types of bracelets often do not open or expand and must fit over your hand in order to be worn. For bracelets with clasps, measure around your wrist. After you have obtained your measurement (in inches), add 3/4" to 1" to determine your bracelet length.

Some bracelets are adjustable or expandable and will fit a small range of sizes.

Ring Sizing and Measuring

All fripparie rings are adjustable. You can adjust your ring yourself after receiving it, or it can be sized for you prior to shipping. Measure your finger circumference with a standard metric measuring tape.

Size 5:    15.7 mm
Size 6:    16.5 mm
Size 7:    17.3 mm
Size 8:    18.2 mm
Size 9:    18.9 mm
Size 10:  19.8 mm
Size 11:  20.6 mm
Size 12:  21.3 mm
Size 13:  22.2 mm

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