about fripparie

I started created jewelry when my grandmother passed away. Grandma was a prolific crafter and collector. My mom gestured to the huge pile of vintage jewelry - most of it broken - that Grandma had amassed from going to estate sales, auctions, etc. and said "why doesn't someone do something with all of this?!" I've always liked to craft and had dabbled in jewelry making before, so I took some pieces home and started creating.

Most of my jewelry is steampunk, goth or fantasy in theme. I love taking found objects and upcycling them into new and beautiful jewelry, but my very favorite pieces to make are based on stories and fairy tales. Finding ways to represent a story's characters or plot in a way that's both pleasing to the eye and fun to wear is thrilling.

I'm never happy doing just one type of thing, so you'll find everything from fantasy charm necklaces, polymer clay, resin pieces with artwork or trinkets, upcycled belt bracelets to steampunk jewelry with gears and keys in my shop. Having a variety of methods to fall back on is perfect for staying creative; if I find my creative juices drying up, switching to a different medium is usually just the thing to get the ideas flowing again.

Everything in my shop is created at my beat-up wooden desk and I'm usually working on several projects at once. It's always satisfying when i finally finish a piece I've been working on for a long time.

I work out of my home in Deloit, IA (I just wish our den had some doors on it) and I have a BA in Management Information Systems. I also have over a decade of customer service experience and enjoy creating things that people can love and cherish for themselves or to give as gifts. It is such a joy and a pleasure to be doing creative work and I hope you love my designs as much as I do!